Unleash your business potential with ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is playing a massive role in evolving businesses around the globe, in this case study we'll be exploring NetSuite ERP and how it has helped IconRadford evolve and grow in 2021

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The IconRadford  success story

IconRadford was formed in October 2019 with the
the merger of Icon Textiles from New Zealand and Radford Furnishings from Australia. Both companies were the long-term importers and wholesale distributors for several UK fabric houses including Designers Guild Group and Cole and Son Wallpaper.

The more IconRadford went through the options and thought about what their business requirements were, it really came down to a NetSuite implementation.

Why it's important to invest in ERP

Businesses already thriving on ERP

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Find out why so many businesses have embraced NetSuite

When it comes to ERP there are many different providers, each with their own unique advantages and drawbacks. In this case study you'll find out why NetSuite is king when it comes to B2B and Retail.

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