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A complete guide to replatforming

A step-by-step guide to an eCommerce replatform.

Replatforming is not a decision to be taken lightly. It affects many aspects of your business,  requires buy-in from stakeholders across different departments, and can create headaches for existing systems. 

While replatforming might be a costly or unpopular decision, it is also sometimes the right decision. Once you’ve successfully moved over to the new platform, it can lead to  big savings and growth for your business.

Ogg have been doing implementations for over 15 years, across 250 large deployments. We’re a team made up of business consultants, project managers, trainers and technical staff. Replatforming can impact the core financial operation within an organisation, so all work is overseen by chartered accountants.

We implement BigCommerce, however, this guide is agnostic to eCommerce systems and suitable as a general guide to help with your approach. The fundamentals of a successful implementation are based on strong and methodical project management practices.

In this guide we cover: 

  • How to build a strong foundation of business objectives and goals.
  • The basics of the replatforming process.
  • How to plan front-end design and UX specifications.
  • The risks of replatforming and how to overcome them.
  • How to approach data migration.


"The replatforming process can be risky. This guide brings together our latest research for retailers looking to scale their business."
- Ogg Founder and CEO, Simon Ede