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The NetSuite Advantage

Oracle NetSuite is an ERP system built with the leading practices for the Health and Beauty industry. With more than 3,000 hours worth of best practices integrated into the system, you can rapidly meet your business objectives and scale as needed. You can easily optimise revenue streams with the addition of point of sale, ecommerce and other omnichannel capabilities for a greater customer experience. 


NetSuite is proven to deliver transformative results. In a study by SL Associates, health & beauty retail companies reported stunning key metric improvements after switching over to NetSuite: 

  • Reduce time to close books: +75 to 90%
  • Improved production efficiency to lead times: +50% to 80%
  • Reduced obsolete inventory costs: +60% yo 80%
  • Improved staff utilization due to automation: +10 to 25%
  • Improved order processing efficiency: +45% to 75%



Why Partner with Ogg Solutions?

With over 16 years of experience and over 250 deployments, Ogg Solutions is the name to trust for ERP implementation, integration, and customisation for your back-end operations. We have already successfully implemented an ERP solution for health and business clients.

Our goal is to understand your business process so we can tailor a solution fit for your needs. We have helped hundreds of businesses integrate with and run their organisations under a unified, cloud-based system so they can focus on things that really matter -- increasing sales and taking care of customers.

Our team is certified as Oracle NetsSuite ERP Consultant, Financial User, Administrator and Suite Foundation.

We're certified experts 


Is your health & beauty business due for a makeover? Start the transformation today with an ERP software that unifies all your processes under one system. Ogg Solutions can help implement Oracle NetSuite so you are able to offer your customers a seamless shopping experience. 


Gaining success in today’s competitive beauty, health and wellness industries isn’t just about selling products. The focus is shifting towards providing a holistic experience to your customer. As an organisation, it is crucial to respond to the constantly changing business landscape, understand the latest retail trends and quickly meet customer needs and expectations. 


NetSuite provides a real-time end-to-end view for your business across wholesale distribution,web, mobile, in-store and call centre retail channels in a single platform. This enables your company to provide a seamless, unified, omnichannel experience for your customers. 




Features You’ll Love:

Financials & Accounting:

Get access to robust reporting tools that offer real-time insight into your company’s financial performance. It’s great for increasing staff productivity and closing the books faster. 


Scale your operations and support your global retail, wholesale and multi-brand business. Whether you sell B2B or B2C, it can be done on a single unified platform.

Customer Lifecycle:

Understand the entire lifecycle of your customer from acquisition to post-sale support. NetSuite offers a 360-degree omnichannel view of the customer so you can increase sales and create positive shopping experiences.

Inventory Management:

It’s all about delivering on your promise to your end customer. With NetSuite’s unified inventory data that cuts across all channels, you can achieve the perfect product assortment, eliminate inventory silos, prevent stock outs and free up cash flow. 

Order Management:

Decrease inventory holding costs, speed up the order-to-cash process, and enable omnichannel operations by connecting sales, finance, order fulfillment to pricing, returns management and order management.

Supply Chain Management:

Streamline operations, increase efficiencies, and have a better understanding of your bottom-line costs, while maintaining the right inventory mix across your business.

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"Combining our expertise with the latest technology, we provide a range of solutions for businesses in the health and beauty industry. Our team is knowledgeable about this field which makes us experts on what it takes to streamline your supply chain."


- Ogg Founder and CEO, Simon Ede